ReSharper runner for 2.0

by Matt 2. May 2014 05:55

Here’s two nice things to end a Friday with.

Firstly, I’ve just pushed a new, 2.0.0 ALPHA pre-release version of the runner for ReSharper to the extension gallery. It adds support for 2.0 beta 2. You can get it from ReSharper’s Extension Manager. Make sure you select the “pre-release” drop down in the Extension Manager first.

Secondly, the project is no longer hosted on CodePlex, but has moved to GitHub, and lives under the xunit org. All issues and pull requests should go there please. 2

You should consider this an alpha version, because, well, it is. It works, I’ve got a bunch of tests to prove it, but hey, it’s all new and different, so if you find any issues, please, please, please, let me know (twitter or, even better, GitHub. Did I mention the project’s moved?) In fact, any kind of feedback is appreciated, good or bad.

Thanks to the excellent support built into xunit2 by Brad and Jim, the new runner can handle both your xunit1 and xunit2 tests. Everything works as you’d expect – tests are highlighted in the editor, and you can run and debug them as normal.

However, this is an alpha build. There are couple of important caveats:

  • Parallelisation is DISABLED in this release. This is due to how xunit2 handles errors. Currently, there is no way for me to gracefully handle errors thrown when a class or collection fixture throws an exception. Hopefully this can be resolved, and I’ll enable parallelisation.
  • Test discovery in the editor is currently handled by xunit1. This needs migration, but is a complex beast. It means that currently, anything more interesting than plain Fact or Theory based tests might not work. Test discovery in the runner is handled by xunit2, hence the weasel word “might”. Fixing this is my next priority.
  • It currently only supports 8.2, as this is what I’ve been using to build and test. I’m not sure yet if I’ll add support for 8.1 back. Leave feedback on GitHub if you really want it – but leave a reason, too. After all, 8.2 is a free upgrade!
  • Annotations and live templates haven’t been updated yet, or even tested. They might work, they might not – so your methods might not be highlighted as in use, and the templates might not work (theory definitely won’t – it’s in a different namespace)

Moving to GitHub

I think it’s fair to say that xunitcontrib had a good run on CodePlex, but, well, GitHub is better. It’s a much nicer experience, everything is just easier, and well, GitHub won.

A very nice feature on GitHub is organisations. Brad and Jim have very generously invited the ReSharper runner to live under the xunit org. It doesn’t change the ownership, copyright or license of the project ( is an Outercurve project, but the ReSharper runner is mine), it’s simply a nice place to live.

The name of the project has also changed. It always was more of a ReSharper project than a contrib project, so the name is now “resharper-xunit” to reflect this. I’ll still be using “xunitcontrib” as the name of the ReSharper packages, though.

What’s next?

Time to improve on the support. First item on the list is proper xunit2 based test discovery. I’ve opened a PR to track xunit2 progress, and more issues to track new functionality.

Please test it! Get it from the extension manager, and put it through its paces. And if you find any problems, report them!

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