xunitcontrib-resharper 0.7 - ReSharper 7.1 and stuff

by Matt 20. November 2012 03:39

ReSharper has just released 7.1, so I think it’s only fair to update the xUnit.net test runner to support it.

And it would be mean not to throw in a couple of bug fixes while I’m at it.

Firstly, there’s a fix to support filtering out test usages when using ReSharper’s Find Usages command. Frankly, I thought this was working ages ago, but it looks like I broke it some time back. Sorry folks.

When in the Find Results window, displaying the usages of a type, method, property, etc. you can filter out different types of usage – read/write, invocation, usage in attributes or documentation, and, what’s interesting here, usages in tests. This means you can hide any usage of a type from a test method or class. Simply toggle the “Show Unit Test Usages” menu item in the filter, and the Results window will hide and show the test usages (note that the test usages are using the test icon that appears next to the test method in the code editor).


The second bug fix relates to Theory data rows. xUnit.net uses class and method names as a means of identifying a test. This is guaranteed to be a unique value, as the test method doesn’t run more than once. For Theory parameterised tests, xunit uses the class and method name, but also uses a display name, which includes the parameter values, such as “ShouldBeUppercase(s: SAUSAGES)”.

There is a problem here. If you have two rows of data with the same value (“SAUSAGES”), the test runner treats these as the same test. This is a case of “doctor, doctor, it hurts when I do this”. Don’t do this. You’re passing in the same data, you’ll get the same results, it doesn’t matter if it looks like there’s only one test.

Or so I thought.

What happens if the data being passed in is an array of strings? xunit will call ToString on the parameter value, and come up with a display name like “ShouldBeUppercase(s: System.String[])”. Clearly, there are going to be collisions here. So now, the test runner keeps a track of names of tests it’s already run. If it tries to run the same test again, it changes the name, appending a call number, e.g. “ShouldBeUppercase(s: System.String[])” and “ShouldBeUppercase(s: System.String[]) [2]”, “… [3]” and so on.


And that’s it for this release. I smell a 1.0 version coming, finally. There are a couple of big ticket changes I want to make first. I want better support for PropertyDataAttribute (IntelliSense, find usages, ctrl-click navigation, etc) and InlineDataAttribute, and there’s a good memory optimisation I need to make for editing a large test file. If there’s anything else missing or broken, now’s a good time to let me know!

As ever, download it from Codeplex, install it with the handy batch file, let me know any issues.

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11/20/2012 9:48:04 AM #

Works great and with dotCover EAP in R# 7.1.


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