xunitcontrib 0.3.1 bug fix release

by Matt 15. July 2009 19:51

I’ve just released a minor bug fix release to the xunitcontrib ReSharper runner.

As part of the recent rewrite to support version independence, I inadvertently broke the current directory. If you know what I mean. Previously, ReSharper was setting the current directory to be the location of the test assembly. Because I’m now handing off to the xunit runner API, ReSharper’s code was no longer being used, and the current directory remained pointing to the location of the plugin assembly.

Since this was quite a major change in behaviour, and very much a blocking issue, I wanted to get a fix out as quickly as possible. Hence release 0.3.1. Nothing else has changed, so if you’re affected by this issue, please go get the latest version.

And thanks for the feedback!

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