Those .net dudes have been busy!

by Matt 13. May 2008 14:55

Lordy. Check out ScottGu's blog of the changes in the beta of .net 3.5 SP1! This is way more than a service pack.

Tons of new stuff for the server, ASP.NET, ADO.NET and WCF, Visual Studio has had quite a bit of love but since I'm a closet fan of WPF, it's nice to see Dr Sneath's rundown of the substantial changes on the client side. I'm looking forward to the startup improvements...

And I like the .net Framework Client Profile - they're starting to split up the framework into a desktop version. A download the size of Adobe Reader is a nice way to put it into perspective. And a nice use of Windows Update to drizzle the full framework down in the background. Is this the start of work for getting .net support into Server Core?

Oh, and Greg Schecter covers some of the more interesting uses of the new Effects API.

Surely this can't be a service pack? Shouldn't this be .net 3.6?


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Philix United States
11/27/2015 6:16:47 PM #

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Rueben Derosa
Rueben Derosa United States
1/6/2016 2:44:44 PM #

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Virgilio Schoel
Virgilio Schoel United States
1/15/2016 5:45:31 AM #

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Lloyd Savelli
Lloyd Savelli United States
1/15/2016 6:39:30 AM #

Congrats! This is such a great website, I know it will translate well into book form. Which is AWESOME!


Mitch Groene
Mitch Groene United States
1/15/2016 6:43:11 AM #

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Maria Robinett
Maria Robinett United States
1/15/2016 8:20:37 AM #

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Elinor Gupta
Elinor Gupta United States
1/15/2016 8:29:01 AM #

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Trena Helgesen
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