Ubiquity of WCF

by Matt 27. May 2007 17:08

I got kind of excited to see that Silverlight has support for WCF (although I don't know exactly what parts). Having a browser based plugin that can use the WS-* stack, especially WS-Security, is a big deal.

I haven't yet seen the light, REST-wise. Currently, my thinking of what REST is to WS-* pretty much echoes what I think JSON is to XML. That is, it seems like a great idea because it strips out all the complexity, but as soon as you have greater requirements (description of contracts (WSDL), message level security (WS-Security), authentication (WS-Trust), reliable messaging, etc), the complexity starts to creep back in. For your Googles, your del.icio.us's, your Yahoo's, REST is enough. For a bank, probably not.

You could say REST is Reach, and WS-* is Rich.

And of course, my company is building in WS-*. This might colour my judgement a little.

All of this is a reasonably long winded way of saying that it's nice to see an RIA technology that supports WS-*. And to add to the ubiquity of WCF, the .net compact framework 3.5 supports it too. So now I can make WS-Security based web service calls from the desktop, the browser and mobile.


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iphone os4
iphone os4
7/23/2011 7:51:27 PM #

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Leonel Marturano
Leonel Marturano United States
1/6/2016 2:09:48 PM #

Congratulations on your success! You deserve it for brightening all of my work days with something to be excited about.


Loren Benward
Loren Benward United States
1/15/2016 5:20:57 AM #

Congrats! This is such a great website, I know it will translate well into book form. Which is AWESOME!


Carroll B. Merriman
Carroll B. Merriman United States
10/18/2016 2:35:51 AM #

Bonjour � vous, j'appr�cie votre site et je tenais � vous le dire ! bonne continuation !


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