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by Matt 13. January 2007 18:01

Turns out it's not really running OSX (they might have ported a great deal of OSX, but apparently not the core OS).

And it's definitely going to be a closed system - no homebrew programming for you (check out the last paragraph on page 2).

Slightly embarrassingly, I only just noticed that Apple's iPhone pages have videos on them, so we can see the interface in action - and it looks even nicer! (Vista blocked the QuickTime player ActiveX by default, and I didn't really notice.)

Apple have done rather well this. A product that's not being released for 6 months, is considered too expensive, tied into a single provider, missing key expected features and is still the most desired piece of kit out there!


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iphone os
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Herbert Britson
Herbert Britson United States
1/15/2016 6:24:09 AM #

I love the dolphin saving you one.


Brandon Penhallurick
Brandon Penhallurick United States
1/15/2016 6:44:20 AM #

Congrats. And all of the items featured so far should be in the book.


Janean Finkelson
Janean Finkelson United States
1/15/2016 7:19:31 AM #

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Thersa Tomich
Thersa Tomich United States
1/15/2016 7:49:09 AM #

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Mollie Limbo
Mollie Limbo United States
1/15/2016 8:29:44 AM #

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Russell Schlappi
Russell Schlappi United States
1/15/2016 8:59:46 AM #

Congratulations on your success! You deserve it for brightening all of my work days with something to be excited about.


Mitchel Verducci
Mitchel Verducci United States
8/25/2016 4:27:34 AM #

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