Testing IE7's colourful address bar

by Matt 11. January 2007 06:11

We all know that IE7 has a phishing filter and that it supports the new High Assurance SSL certificates, but how do we test it?

I'm going to take my life into my own hands and post a link to a website that IE7 regards as a phishing site and has blocked. This link is to a suspicious site. I think both of these sites are run by Microsoft (I'm not sure, so don't do anything I wouldn't do). They're branded Contoso and Woodgrove Bank, two of Microsoft's official example brands.

On a slightly more safer note, this link takes you to a site which has a High Assurance SSL cert. First time you visit, it will probably fail, which gives a good example of the failure UI. You need to download the test root cert that Microsoft used to create the High Assurance cert. Now, when you visit, you should get the nice UI demonstrated in the IE blog.


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