AmbientClock. Less is more.

by Matt 7. December 2006 17:58

Now this is just lovely. A prototype for a (physical) desktop clock that wirelessly syncs with Google Calendar to show you your upcoming appointments.

Big deal, huh?

The difference, as ever, is in the details. It's (going to be) made by the people behind the Ambient Orb (you know, the one that's been hacked to show continuous integration build status. There, see. Now you remember). The background colour of the device changes to show that you're free, you've got 10 minutes before an event or you're in the middle of one. Nice.

But the really nice thing is the amount of information it displays on the screen without words. Two icons around the outside of the clock face show you when your work day starts and ends (e.g. 8am - 8pm). A black segment of the clock dial represents an event. And if you enter the location of the event in Google Calendar, the device will use Google Maps to work out how long it will take you to get there and display dots around the dial before the event to show when you should leave.

It's just lovely.

There's an online version, too, not that I've tried it. And there's a gallery of alternative designs to vote on, but none of them have the simplicity of the design on the homepage.


Obsession With Detail

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