xunitcontrib support for ReSharper 6.0 beta

by Matt 14. June 2011 09:18

So, ReSharper 6.0 has gone beta. And that means we need a new build of the xUnit.net test runner plugin. The latest release on codeplex works nicely with the beta version, and I’ll be aiming to keep it up to date as the nightly builds continue.

There are a couple of minor changes with this release, changes that are in the source for the 5.1 version, but haven’t yet been released (that’s the missing 0.4.2 version for you eagle-eyed folks). You can read more in the release notes.


There is currently a bug/regression in ReSharper that means you can’t just throw all of the files in the plugins folder. Instead, you must copy the xunit.runner.utility.dll and the xunitcontrib.runner.resharper.runner.6.0.dll files into the C:\Program Files\JetBrains\ReSharper\v6.0\bin folder. If you copy all of the files from the zip (including the plugins folder) straight into the bin folder, you’ll be fine. I’m hoping this will be fixed by RTM.

Go download!




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