My colour settings for Visual Studio

by Matt 16. August 2010 10:03

So, just in case I should happen to find myself in a situation where I need to update a vanilla Visual Studio to the nice, soothing colours I know and love, somewhere, say, that doesn’t allow USB drives, I thought I’d post them here (why, yes, I do have a new job, starting tomorrow. How did you guess?)

I can’t quite remember where these colours came from, but having a mooch about the cavernous depths of my downloads folder, I rather think it was from this post on, although tweaked to use Consolas and later versions of ReSharper and goodness knows what else. And it’s also up to date with VS2010, too, using some of the newer colours  you can see when you check the “Advanced highlighting” checkbox on this page (I really like – nifty bit of html/css, but it doesn’t include ReSharper colours, which is a showstopper for me).

Anyway, it’s very nice, even if I do say so myself – all very calming blue (which makes red errors a bit awkward, probably still need to tweak those a little). It looks kinda like this for normal code (screen grab from the aforementioned awesome


and this for the VS2010 “advanced highlighting”:


Except of course, with added ReSharper-y goodness (version 5.1, highlight current line, etc). It doesn’t really differentiate between all the different user defined types and stuff, ‘cos there’s just no need.

So, finally, links: citizenmatt-VS2010-2010-08-16.vssettings and (for all you old timers out there) citizenmatt-VS2008-2010-08-16.vssettings.



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