New release of the NuGet ReSharper plugin

by Matt 24. January 2013 04:23

It’s been a little while since I released the NuGet plugin for ReSharper, long enough for a new release of NuGet.

And of course, the plugin stopped working.

Oh, and if you’re using VSTS for Database Professionals, and it seems to be crashing a lot, that’s my fault, too.

Fortunately, I’ve just pushed a new version, 1.1, that fixes these issues. The download link is on the Release Notes GitHub page.

What went wrong?

I did, frankly. I passed a package folder path instead of a repository package path, and it just happened to work in NuGet 2.1. A change in the implementation details in NuGet 2.2 and it was now using the wrong path and couldn’t find the package to install. Garbage in, garbage out. This meant the reference wasn’t added, or a file reference was added and dependencies weren’t, usually silently, so you didn’t know something had gone wrong. The fix was quick, and I added better error handling and reporting, so if something goes wrong, it will now fail more visibly, and without falling back to adding file references.

The crashing VSTS DB Pro issue was much more interesting, because it’s seemingly unrelated to NuGet, ReSharper or the plugin. Three virtual machines later, I could recreate it, by using Windows 7 and not installing VS 2012. Or, more accurately, by ensuring that .net 4.5 wasn’t installed. I had compiled the plugin against .net 4.5, and when running with just .net 4.0 installed, it would cause VSTS for DB Pro to crash. I still have no idea why – there were no useful exception messages or any other clues. A quick recompile later, and no more crashes.

One little enhancement made it in – update checking (inspired by Julien’s ForTea T4 plugin). ReSharper will notify you when a new version is released.

So, apologies for the nasty bugs – get the latest version from the link on the Release Notes.

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