Making IE8’s InPrivate Filtering sticky

by Matt 14. April 2009 15:11

Last time, we saw that you can use IE8’s interesting InPrivate Filtering feature as a slightly heavy handed ad blocker.

It’s off by default, which is fair enough, but it’s rather surprising that once you do turn it on, it’s only on for the duration of that session, and resets itself to off for the next time you launch IE.

Fortunately, there’s a registry setting. Add a new DWORD value called “StartMode” to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Safety\PrivacIE. Setting to 0 means off at startup, 1 means set to “automatically block” and 2 is set to “choose content”.

If you’ve imported an xml file that claims to be a port of one of the adblock plus lists, you’ll want to set it to 2. If you set it to automatically block, it’ll block based on the number of times a script or image has been shared – which is probably not enough control.

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