xunitcontrib-resharper 0.5–fixes, fixes, fixes

by Matt 28. November 2011 12:49

I’ve just pushed a new version of xunitcontrib up to codeplex. Well, two new versions.

There’s the stable, ReSharper 6.0 and 5.1.3 version, and then the latest build for the 6.1 EAP. Both have had the same bunch of fixes made:

On top of that, the EAP version should now work properly in Visual Studio 2011.

The two interesting ones are the fixed dotCover support and the getting partial classes working. While the last release would show methods as highlighted, it was missing support for Show Covering Tests. This allows you to right click on any method and when select the Show Covering Tests will list all tests that call into that method. More niceness from JetBrains.


Getting partial classes working is important if you want to use Microsoft’s Pexframework. This tool will generate unit tests for you based on the code your write. These generated tests live in partial files, which now work in 6.0 and 6.1.

And finally, a quick word about versions. I intend to support that latest released revision of the last two major versions of ReSharper. In other words, I’ll support 6.x and 5.x by releasing versions for 6.0 and 5.1.3. Once the 6.1 EAP is fully baked, I’ll only support 6.1 and 5.1.3. I’ve added another release to hold these older versions.



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