First Post 2.0

by Matt 25. May 2006 17:56

I think all blog systems should come with a first post already written for you. They're tricky beasts. You've got a bunch of things you want to say, but before you can get started on all of that, you've got to get the introductions out of the way. Cover the ground rules. And then there's the fact that there are no readers, either. Makes you terribly self conscious.

It's even more awkward the second time round. See, I've already written a first post, but that was back before I had a proper blog - you know, with a datastore and RSS and everything. About a year ago, I threw a page onto the internet, called it a "blog" and started writing "posts". It was all a bit rubbish, really, but it had a first post. Now, I've installed SUBv2 and I have a proper blog. I do intend to import at least some of those old "posts", but it's going to be a bit of a pain to do so, and there's things I'd like to post about in the meantime, and that means a first post. Again.

So here goes. Hello, my name is Matt. I'm going to talk about computers, because I like them, and it's what I do for a living. In case you're wondering why you should listen to me, I work as a Principal Software Engineer in a large internet bank in the UK. All day long, I talk about Enterprise-this and Design-Patterns-that and Agile-the-other. Many are the conversations I have about Test Driven Development, and the joys of C#. SOA's are my bread and butter.

Which means I'm not going to mention them here. There are much better people than me talking about all that stuff. Instead, I'm just going to post about the interesting stuff - all the cool little hobbyist type stuff that you'd really love to do, but can't earn a living from. It's kind of like an escape hatch.

Phew. Got that over with.



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